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New Russia S-500 air and space defense complex to be on display in September 2016

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

New Russia S-500 «Prometheus» mobile air and space defense complex reportedly to be on display  in September 2016 at International military-technical forum “ARMY-2016”.

International military-technical forum “ARMY-2016” is scheduled for September 6-11, 2016 and will be held on the basis of Patriot Congress and Exhibition Centre of the military-patriotic recreation park of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (Kubinka, Moscow region).

The Defense Ministry is allegedly planning to order five S-500 complexes capable of intercepting ballistic and hypersonic missiles.

Open sources say the S-500 will be capable of simultaneously engaging up to 10 targets traveling at speeds of up to seven kilometers per second, which is an approximate speed of intercontinental ballistic missile nuclear warheads entering the atmosphere. The killing range of the complex is reported to be 600 kilometers, while the altitude of a target engaged could be near 180-200 kilometers.

Russian Aerospace Forces are reportedly planning to purchase five S-500 complexes up to the year 2020. The S-500 complexes are going to be integrated into the A-135 (and successive A-235) Moscow air defense system.

Russia’s newest S-500 Prometheus mobile air and space defense complex is expected to enter service this year.

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