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New Russian anti-sabotage boat with Chinese diesel engines broke down during first test

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The new Russian Grachonok Project 21980 anti-sabotage boat with Chinese TBD620V12 diesel engines broke down during the first test.

According to the, the Chinese engines installed at Grachonok anti-sabotage boat (with the serial number 01221) broke at the first test. Project 21980 anti-sabotage was originally designed to receive MTU diesel engines from Germany. But EU sanctions imposed over the Ukraine crisis forced Russia to found a new engine in China.

The boats have been developed by the Vympel Design Bureau and built by the shipyard in Rybinsk in the Yaroslavl Region in central Russia.

The Project 21980 boat is designed to protect water areas and fight sabotage and terrorist groupings in coastal waters.

The Project 21980 anti-sabotage boat is armed with large-caliber machineguns, depth charges and man-portable air defense missile systems. The boat’s radio electronic equipment can search for moving underwater targets and its diving system can handle several divers at a time.

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