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New Russian Ka-52 «Alligator» attacks helicopters spotted in Syria

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The new Russian Ka-52 «Alligator» attacks helicopters  spotted in Syria during liberation Al-Qaryatayn from Daesh militants.

Currently identified presence in Syria of three Ka-52 helicopters with red hull numbers “77”, “78” and “79”. Helicopter with tail number “79 Red” was filmed for the first time at the stage of the assembly at the air base Hmeymim more March 16, 2016, and the other two of these boards have been identified in the course of their combat missions in the area of Al-Qaryatayn in central Syria on April 3.

Recall that the first Ka-52 were delivered from Russia to the airfield Hmeymim of the Russian aviation group in Syria in mid-March 2016.


RIA News
RIA News
RIA News
RIA News

Earlier Syrian Army published on one of its YouTube channels a video taken near the town of Al-Qaryatayn. On April 3, the Syrian Army and its allies backed by Russian airstrikes fully liberated Al-Qaryatayn from Daesh militants.

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