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New Ukrainian Multifunctional Missile Complex to Start Production Next Year

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

New ukrainian multifunctional missile complex to start production in 2015, reported Temporary Acting Chairman of the State Space Agency of Ukraine Oleksandr Golub signed a plan to start pre-production of the new multifunctional missile complex in 2015-2016 years.

Development of system-missile weapons remains a key priority for the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. New tactical missile system developed for the Ukrainian armed forces. This system forms the basis for other operational missiles with a longer range. In fact, the complex is far better and advanced than its Russian counterpart, the Iskander (Nato designation SS-26 Stone).

The maximum range of new ukrainian the multifunctional missile complex is 280 km for the export version and 350 km for the Ukraine army version. The minimum range is 50 km. The complex will use a cruise missile developed on the basis of Korshun (Kite) and new tactical ballistic missile Grom-2 (Thunder-2) to destroy ground targets.

If financing is provided today, then flight tests could start in 2016.


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