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New ultra-light 4×4 all-terrain vehicle spotted in China

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

A cutting-edge Chinese tactical vehicle was spotted during exercise of the Special Forces.

A new ultra-light 4×4 all-terrain vehicle (ATV) of Special Forces has been seen in a video showed training exercise of the Chinese 76th Group Army at the training base of the Gobi in Northwest China.

According to a local source, a new ATV is a highly mobile, multi-configurable, off-road vehicle that can be rapidly deployed in missions even in the most difficult terrains.

These ultralight vehicles were designed for expeditionary forces and provide foot soldiers ability to move much faster. The new ATV lack armor, but rely on their speed and high off-road mobility in order to avoid contact with enemy. They can operate on off-road routes, that are not accessible to enemy vehicles.

It can be airlifted internally by transport helicopters or tactical cargo aircraft. These all-terrain vehicles can be also airdropped.

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