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Nexter Titus 6×6: the monster truck in action

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The Titus 6×6 armoured vehicle personnel carrier designed and manufactured  by the French Defense Company Nexter  has been tested for Research and Intervention Brigade, commonly abbreviated BRI is a unit of the French National Police.

Titus is able to fulfill the full range of missions from Infantry transport to combat missions, combat support and combat service support functions, in any kind of type of commitments likely to occur in a hybrid conflict.

The armoured wheeled vehicle is mounted on a Tatra 6×6 chassis. The vehicle has a length of 7.55m, width of 2.55m and height of 2.73m.

The combat weight of the TITUS is 23t, which can be optionally increased to 27t by substituting the baggage space of 4t. The internal volume of the vehicle is more than 14m3 including 4m3 of storage space.

The versatile armoured vehicle is capable of carrying three crew, including a commander, gunner and driver, as well as ten troops.

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