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PHOTO: Vehicles for Russia’s Arctic Brigade «TM-140A»

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

PHOTO: Vehicles for Russia’s Arctic Brigade «TM-140A»

Length / Width / Height, mm 7800/3100/3105
Dimensions of cargo platform, mm 3575h2700
YaMZ-236B-2 with a turbocharged
Power, L. from. 250
Voltage onboard power supply, V 24
Operating weight, t 11.2 (without armor)
Weight (including afloat), t 4 (3.5 – 0.5 on the platform and – in the cockpit, including crew)
Specific ground pressure, kgf / sq. 0.22 cm
Ground clearance, mm 450
The speed on the highway, km / h 45
Speed afloat, km / h 4
Climbing the slope, deg. 30/15 (dry / wet soils)
Operating temperature -40 … 40 ° C
Cruising, 800 km


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