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Poland Orders Spike Missiles to Equip Rosomak IFVs

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The Polish Armament Inspectorate awarded Mesko a production contract worth over $150 million, for the delivery of 1,000 Spike anti tank guided missiles to equip the Polish Army’s Rosomak infantry fighting vehicles. (Rosomak is the locally produced variant of Patria AMV). Defense24 reported.

Rosomak APCs currently equipped with Hitfist-30P turrets will be refitted with missile launching assemblies, fitted with standard

Spike LR canisters, which also conform with the dismounted operations already used by Polish infantry units.

During the recent MSPO exhibition in Poland the Huta Stalowa Wola (HSW) company unveiled a second prototype of the unmanned ZSSW-30 turret designed for the Rosomak M2 IFV. The unmanned turret fits the same turret ring carrying the manned Hitfist-30P used on the current Rosomak version. The new weapon station mounts the Mk44 30mm chain gun along with two RAFAEL Spike-LR ATGM. Selex ES will provide the optronic systems for the commander independent optronics and gunner sight.

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