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President of Ukraine Poroshenko Presented New Version of Dozor-B Armored Car

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

President of Ukraine Poroshenko Presented new version of Dozor-B armored car. The Dozor-B is also used by special units of the armed forces (quick reaction forces and military police) to carry out reconnaissance, patrolling, and peace-keeping operations, as well as being used as the main transportation vehicle under combat conditions (including NBC environment).

Dozor-B is an combat armoured vehicle with 4×4 wheel arrangement intended for transportation of personnel, cargo and mounting of light armament of different type, communication means and special equipment. DOZOR-B APC can be efficiently used in special units of the armed forces (quick-reaction forces and military police) during reconnaissance, observational and peace-keeping operations as transport facility in combat conditions (including usage of weapons of mass destruction).

DOZOR-B APC can carry out its functions at daytime as well as at nighttime, on a highway and in cross-country conditions.




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