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Ready for Another Five Tanks “Oplot-T” for Thailand

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

As reported by colleague andrei_bt , Kharkov State Enterprise “Plant named after VA Malyshev,” completed the production of the second batch of five series of tanks BM “MBT-T” under contract with Thailand in 2011. Based on the above link to photos, the second batch of five tanks were ready at the beginning of 2015, although there is no information when the tanks is being sent to the customer.

The tanks were made ​​in pursuance of a contract worth more than $ 240 million signed by GK “Ukrspetsexport” September 1, 2011 for the supply of 49 new Thai Army tanks BM “MBT-T” and two armored recovery vehicles based on them, with the term of the contract is to the end of 2014.

Thailand is actually delivered to launch customer tanks BM “Oplot” developed by SE “Kharkiv Machine Building Design Bureau named after Morozov,” is a further development of the family of T-80U / UD. Performance of the contract “Plant named after Malyshev” began in April 2012 and the company has faced considerable difficulties in resuming tank production after more than ten-year hiatus.

Under the contract, the first five tanks should have been delivered to the customer in December 2012, followed by a period of putting the Thai side of the first five tanks was called in May 2013. Really the first five tanks “Oplot-T” made ​​under the contract, were demonstrated only in Kharkov October 15, 2013, and delivered by sea to Thailand 4 February 2014.

At the same time stated that the alleged in March 2014 “Plant name Malyshev “must ship to Thailand the second batch of “MBT-T” consisting of ten cars. In reality, only the present time, the company was able to make a second batch of tanks for Thailand, and only five units.

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