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Rheinmetall and Bundeswehr conduct successful test of HEL effector on the high seas

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Rheinmetall Defence and the German Armed Forces (Bundewehr) have tested a high-energy laser effector installed on a German Navy warship operating on the high seas.

To carry out the test, Rheinmetall Defence mounted a 10-kilowatt high-energy laser effector on a MLG 27 remote-controlled weapon station.

The test programme included tracking of potential targets, including unmanned aerial vehicles and very small surface craft. Furthermore, the high-energy laser effector was also tested against stationary targets on land.

Besides the mounting of a 10-kW high-energy laser effector on an MLG 27 system, the test program demonstrated for the first time the effectiveness of Rheinmetall Defence high-energy laser effector technology in maritime operations.

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