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Rheinmetall unveils its new Multi Mission Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Rheinmetall has developed a new modular unmanned ground vehicle called Multi Mission Unmanned Ground Vehicle (MM UGV), which the firm revealed as part of “Infantry System”.

The MM UGV is a wheeled modular unmanned platform with optional equipment. The new unmanned system provides the ultimate in capability and protection by removing UGV operators from hazardous environments.

According to the Rheinmetall, the new Unmanned systems in combination with infantry components enable rapid reconnaissance and action, facilitating combat operations in difficult terrain, e.g. in built-up areas, woods and mountains.

In places where the threat to infantry forces is especially acute, unmanned systems can efficiently perform the tasks of their human counterparts. Rheinmetall’s unmanned multimission wheeled vehicle features a modern modular design.

Different mission kits enable it to carry out a wide variety of missions, including reconnaissance and surveillance. It is also able to serve as a weapon platform or in a transport role and can be remotely controlled or operate autonomously.

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