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Roketsan will Show at IDEF-2015 New Cirit Self-propelled Rocket System

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Roketsan will show at IDEF-2015 new Cirit self-propelled rocket system. The Cirit rocket system under production by Turkish missile manufacturer Roketsan was integrated into the vehicle of FNSS company.

The Cirit missile is a laser-guided 70 mm missile with a range of 8 kilometres, with a semi-active laser homing seeker.

The Cirit Rocket System has a maximum effective guided range of 8 km with a high probability of hit on a 3×3 m target at this range.

The Cirit is a missile with the longest range in its class which provides a superior precision against light, armored/unarmored and stationary/mobile targets as well as being a cost effective solution.

IDEF 2015, 12 th International Defence Industry Fair has been managed and executed by Turkish Armed Forces Foundation under the auspices and support of Turkish Ministry of National Defence once in every odd years since 1993. IDEF has played an essential role on the development of friendship and cooperation between participant countries.

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