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Royal Thai Air Force Security Forces Demonstration

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

During the ceremony of taking the oath of allegiance to the royal colors of the Royal Thai Air Force 2016. The Royal Thai Air Force Security Forces Command held a special demonstration the show capability of RTAF Security Force unit.

Personal are from 2nd Security Force battalion King’s Guard of Royal Thai Air Force Security Forces Command.

The unit demonstrated the tactical infantry weapon mission – or commonly known as rapid fire – in which the troops have been well trained to crouch, move, and take cover. The skill is used in the motorcycle patrol unit or the air base, combat information center, or air force operation center security unit.

In the next operation, the motorcycle unit demonstrated the rapid operation. Agility of their vehicle allow the two-men unit on the motorcycle to use their infantry weapon to counter threats within 5 minutes after the order was given. The unit also capable for surveillance, reconnaissance, search, contain, and destruction mission.

The unit also derived the Krav Maga from Israel and mixed with Muay Thai Chai Yut (ordinary Muay Thai mixed with Aikido and Judo). Krav Maga aims to destroy the five weak points of the human body. Royal Thai Air Force Security Forces Command train its personal on all of those hand-to-hand combats under the name Jarumporn.

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