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Russia announces development of improved Tu-95MSM variant

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The Tupolev Aircraft Company has announced a development of the improved Tu-95MSM strategic bomber variant.

According to Alexander Konyukhov, general director of plane-maker Tupolev, the company received a contract from the Russian Defense Ministry to carry out the modernization Tu-95MS strategic bomber and missile carrier.

“The maiden flight of Tu-95MSM is expected at the end of 2019,” said the head of Tupolev.

He also noted that the decision to upgrade the fleet of Tu-95MS military aircraft will be made by the Ministry of Defense following the results of state tests.

In addition, the state tests of the strategic missile carrier Tu-95MS with the upgraded engine NK-12MPM are currently underway – they will be completed by the end of 2018.

As reported, at the moment on a planned basis, major repairs and upgrades of the strategic missile carriers Tu-160 and Tu-95MS are being carried out, which significantly prolongs their service life. Also “Tupolev” is working on creating prototypes of deeply modernized Tu-160M aircraft.

The head of the Duma Defence Committee, Vladimir Shamanov, reported that Tu-160 and Tu-95MS aircraft are being modernized for the use of new long-range cruise missiles.

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