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Russia may buy «Bozena Riot» remotely operated security system

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Russia may buy «Bozena Riot» remotely operated, armored vehicle designed to handle riots and mobs in the streets and urbanized areas.

The «Bozena Riot» may buy for the recently established National Guard agency.   «Bozena Riot» security system, a light armored vehicle operated remotely with a massive protection shield for ‘crowd control and mass violence.

The system offers a solution for both protecting the law-enforcement units in action and controlling the situation whenever peace maintenance is required. The machine’s design follows the concept of the BOZENA 4 demining system, which has been in use in various countries across Europe, Africa, America and Asia for several years.

Bozena Riot security system
Bozena Riot security system

BOZENA RIOT comes with a high performance, low noise and low-emission engine, equipped with internal automatic fire extinguishing features. The system can be supported with various accessories which serve as easily deployable, efficient tools capable of:

  • Directing or dispersing gathered groups into desired directions or areas.
  • Safe and effective access control.
  • Direct observation and monitoring of the crowd situation enabling dispersal of serious rioters.
  • Accessing buildings, bridges and other elevated positions occupied by aggressors, from an elevated platform.
  • Communication with rioters through the loudspeaker and protected display situated in the front part of the system.
  • Various other tasks such as removal of barricades, vehicles, dangerous objects and materials, by means of additional attachments.
Bozena Riot security system

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