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Russia prepares its troops for peacekeeping operations

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Servicemen of the Central MD peacekeeping formation located in the Samara Region in the exercise conducted a 200-kilometer march on armored personnel carriers BTR-82AM to the Orenburg region.

A column of military equipment with a length of more than 1 km moved along the public roads, accompanied by a military traffic police, as reported by the press service of the Russian military department.

A column of peacekeepers was an on way to Totsky Range, where this week will be a planned tactical-special teaching with the development of peacekeeping tasks.

The exercise involved over 1000 servicemen and more than 200 pieces of military hardware.

According to the scenario, the Russian peacekeepers will liberate the hostages, blocked and eliminated the illegal armed group. In the course of the exercise, particular attention was attached to the coherence in the actions of the tactical groups during the liberation of hostages.

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