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Russia shows off new «Lynx-BP» biomorphic robot

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Russia  shows off new «Lynx-BP» biomorphic robot at experimental laboratory of Central Scientific – Research Institute for Precision Machine Engineering , a Russian industrial design bureau.

The new Russian «Lynx-BP» biomorphic robot weighing up to 400 kilograms, are able to move “including, non-deterministic complex environment”. State sample test is scheduled for 2019.

The platforms must have a “4-lever driving force”, which means that the future robot, like the Boston Dynamics’ “beasties” will walk on four “legs”.

Android technology will develop the draft of the biomorphic robot base. In addition to hardware, the base will include an on-board information and control system, instruments of machine vision and data communications, as well as navigation and motion control systems (making the robot, for example, follow the operational commander).

The load-carrying capacity of BPMBR400 will be up to 200 kg, and BPMBR100 – up to 60 kg, significantly lower than the load-carrying capacity of the US robots. The American BigDog, weighing the same as BPMBR100, can carry 150 kg.

Russian robor ia an  analogue of Boston Dynamics’ biomorphic robot (owned by Google).

Underlying platform mobile biomorphic robots "Lynx-BP"  via Igor Korotchenko
Underlying platform mobile biomorphic robots “Lynx-BP” via Igor Korotchenko

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