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Russia unveils new Chaborz M-6 military buggy

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The International Special Forces Training Centre in Chechnya with the engineering company “F-Motor-Sport” have showcased the new Chaborz M-6 military buggy at the Army-2017 international military-technical exhibition held outside Moscow.

The new Chaborz M-6 is a six-seat modification of the light strike vehicle. It is designed to be used in special operations, especially in the mountainous regions, such as the Russian Caucasus.

The M-6 is currently armed with 7.62mm «Pecheneg» machine gun on the side of the passenger seat and two on both sides and 12,7 mm «Kord» heavy machine gun mounted on the roof for a 360-degree action.

The Chaborz M-6 can be transported internally in Il-76, An-12 and C-130 transport aircraft or carried slung under the Mi-8 and Mi-26 helicopters.

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