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Russia unveils new generation of grenades and ammunition at Defense & Security 2017

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Within the framework of the International Asian exhibition and conference Defense & Security-2017 in Bangkok, Thailand, Russian concern “Techmash” was presented a wide range of military products, including several unique designs that don’t have analogues.

Among the main exhibits is the RPG-30 reactive anti-tank grenade with a one-time grenade launcher designed to destroy modern and promising tanks, including hinged dynamic protection and active protection systems, as well as other armored and non-armored targets.

Another example of a reactive anti-tank grenade is the RPG-26, the distinguishing feature of which is an insignificant mass, 2.9 kg., And high combat effectiveness. RPG-26 is designed to defeat tanks and other armored and non-armored vehicles.

Techmash will also present a wide range of munitions for tank, field and naval artillery. Specific attention is caused by 125mm ammunition set for modern T-72 and T-90 tanks which Thailand is interested in. Foreign delegations from Southeast Asia may also be interested in 100mm high-explosive and fragmentation ZUOF17 shell for BMP-3 vehicles which are widely operational in regional countries.

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