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Russian 2S35 «Koalitsiya-SV» has set a record for a modern field artillery.

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Range of fire of Russian 2S35 «Koalitsiya-SV» has set a record for a modern field artillery. 2S35 «Koalitsiya-SV – Project for a new artillery system for the Russian land forces (SV = sukhoputniye vojska). The prototype consists of a 2S19 chassis with modified turret, fitted with an over-and-under dual autoloaded 152mm howitzer.

The 2S35 «Koalitsiya-SV» has set a record of range of fire to 70 km. When tested with the experimental projectile Russian self-propelled artillery demonstrated a record distance of 70 kilometers.

According to Russian military engineers, the new 2S35 can used high-explosive long-range precision-guided munitions with a maximum range of 70 km and high level of accuracy.

The 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV tracked self-propelled howitzer could be equipped with the new 2A88 cannon 152mm which is under development. During travelling, the cannon is held in position by a travelling lock mounted on the glacis plate. To increase its self-protection, a remote weapon station armed with a 12.7mm Kord machine is mounted on the top of the turret. Three smoke grenade dischargers are mounted either side at the front of the turret. The turret is also equipped with an automatic loading system. The S2S35 is able to fire a new generation of 9K25, the 152 mm Krasnopol laser-guided projectile. When the Krasnopol is in flight, four fixed fins unfold to the rear with four movable control surfaces unfolding to the front. It uses inertial guidance for the middle part of the trajectory with semi-active laser homing being used for the terminal phase when the target is illuminated by the tripod-mounted laser designator.

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