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Russian A-50E AWACS and Tu-95 strategic bombers monitored by Japanese Air Force

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Japanese Defense Ministry staff supervision integration unit Dec. 21 announcement that the Russian Air Force Tu-95 strategic bombers two and one A-50E AWACS new day appeared in the airspace surrounding Japan, including two Tu-95 bombers surround the Japanese archipelago Flying week.

In order to prevent the Russian military machine to enter Japanese airspace, the Japanese Air Self Defense Force fighters scrambled to be at or near the monitor and take a picture.

According to Japanese Ministry of Defense of Russian aircraft flying close circuit schematicreleased by the Ministry staff supervision, two Tu-95 bombers and A-50E airborne early warning aircraft over the Sea of ​​Japan were involved in the airspace from the Russian Far East. Wherein, A-50E AWACS airspace in the south of the Sea of ​​Japan, were halfway back.

And after two Tu-95 bombers airspace south of the Sea of ​​Japan along the Sea of ​​Japan side of the outer air defenseidentification zone over the Tsushima Strait on the southwest by the flight, and then turn back to the northeast coastal waters in Okinawa, and in the South Kuril Islands airspace again westward flight. Schematic view from the flight line, two Russian Tu-95 bombers flying surround the Japanese archipelago a week before returning to the Russian Far East.

Russian Air Force Tu-95 strategic bomber
Russian Air Force Tu-95 strategic bomber

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