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Russian Aerospace Defence Forces receives 5th generation radars

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Russian Aerospace Defence Forces have received the new 59NE Protivnik-GE 3D decimetric band track data processing radar, said Russian defense ministry press service.

According to the Russian defense minister’s press service, the 5th generation 59NE Protivnik-GE universal mobile three-coordinate radar station has been introduced in air defence units in the Samara region.

“The radar is designed to control the space, detect air targets, determine their high-resolution coordinates (azimuth, distance, altitude), speeds and flight trajectories at long ranges and high altitudes. The station is able to operate under conditions of intense radio interference when being part of automated air defence control systems, rapid reaction forces and air traffic control systems,” the Defense Ministry’s press-service has said.

In conditions of intense radio interference, the radar is able to give information simultaneously for guiding fighters and targeting anti-aircraft missile battalions without additional refinements. The airspace viewing height is up to several hundred kilometres.

Coverage area:

– range, km 10 – 400
– altitude, km ±200
– azimuth, deg 360
– elevation, deg ±45
– radial speed, km/h 60 – 8000

The 59NE Protivnik-GE radar can operate under any climatic conditions and can be transported by road (roads of any category), rail, air, and water. It can be deployed on an unorganized site.

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