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Russian Air Force is upgrade nine Su-25SM3 close air support aircrafs

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Russian Air Force is upgrade nine Su-25SM3 close air support aircrafs, according Russian Ministry of Defense signed a contract 3.341 billion rubles for repair with the modernization of nine Su-25 to Su-25SM3 version.

The Su-25SM3 is an extensively modified version of the Su-25. The designation is confusing, but the SU-25SM may have been the SM1, and perhaps SM2 is an export version of SM and SM3 is the upgraded version for domestic use.

The Su-25SM3 version was developed following the results of flight tests carried out in 2013 and 2014. Su-25SM3 version differs significantly even from upgraded Su-25SM strike-fighters in terms of weapons and avionics suite.

Russia’s upgrading of Su-25 to SM3 version can extend the aircraft’s operative life for at least another ten years.

The modernized Su-25SM3 incorporates a host of sensor and defensive systems upgrades that the Russian military hopes will enable the flying tank to operate over the modern battlefield. Central to the modernization package is the Vitebskdefensive avionics suite, which was developed by the Samara Research Institute.

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