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Russian Air Force receives sixth A-50U long-range radar surveillance aircraft

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

“Vega” and Taganrog Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex n.a. G.M. Beriev, a subsidiary of the United Aircraft Building Corporation, delivered sixth modernized A-50U long-range radar surveillance aircraft to the Russian Air Force.

“The A-50U long-range radar surveillance and control plane has been modernized as part of the large-scale program of renewing long-range radar surveillance aircraft stipulated by the defense procurement plan,” the Rostec press office said in a statement.

The A-50U, which made its maiden flight in 2011, is a further derivative of the A-50, which has been in service since 1989. The A-50 can spot targets at a distance of 800 kilometers and has an operational range of 7,500 kilometers.

In contrast with its predecessor, the A-50U is “sharper-sighted,” can transfer data better and fly farther. Its exact characteristics are kept secret.

“Long-range radar surveillance aircraft are flying radars with the functions of the command and control post. Their technical equipment, the efficiency of installed radio-electronic systems and flight characteristics are crucial for the speed of detecting and countering a potential enemy’s airborne weapons, which has been proven by the combat experience that has been gained,” the Rostec press office quoted Vega CEO Vyacheslav Mikheyev as saying.

The A-50U is designated to detect, track and determine the affiliation of air, large ground and naval targets, transfer data to command posts, guide fighter jets towards air targets and frontline aircraft towards ground and sea targets.

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