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Russian Airborne Troops received modern Barnaul-T air defence control systems

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The Russian Airborne Troops has received into service the new Barnaul-T air defence control systems, the Russian Ministry of Defence announced on 15 June.

The 98th Guards Airborne Division. an airborne division of the Russian Airborne Troops in Ivanovo, has received a batch of the new Barnaul-T air defence control systems. The commander of the 98th Guards Airborne Division, Nikolai Choban, said that the whole squad was very pleased with the arrival of new types of weapons, which are capable of reducing the time to seconds before the enemy is discovered.

Barnaul-T is baseline air defence command & control subsystem of the integrated troop and weapon management system designed to detect aerial targets and control air defense systems of the Army, marine units and the Airborne Force.

The systems use the 9S932-1 intelligence and control module with 1L122-1E radar mounted on a BTR-MD Rakushka amphibious tracked chassis or MT-LBU.

The new air defence control system use of automation equipment at tactical level increases the efficiency of short-range SAM systems by up to 20% and reduces the expenditure of missiles per killed target by up to 30%.

The Barnaul-T baseline air defence command and control subsystem is designed to fit tactical units’ air defence (AD) control posts (CP) with advanced automation, communication, and data exchange equipment in order to effectively control air defence troops and weapons, coordinate their activities, and increase their mobility and survivability under any combat conditions.

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