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Russian An-26 transport aircraft collides with moose at Yermolino airport

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The An-26 transport aircraft belonging to Russia’s National Guard collided with a moose while landing at Yermolino airport in the Kaluga Region in central Russia.

That was reported by TASS on Wednesday.

A video on the incident was posted in social networks on Wednesday. Comments on the video say that the incident occurred at night when an Antonov An-26 plane was performing a training flight. None of the crew suffered any injuries in the incident though the moose was killed. The plane sustained minor damage.

Presumably, the moose could have trespassed into the airport’s territory due to the negligence of construction workers who were building a fence around the airfield. The workers removed two concrete slabs while a temporary fence was absent at the time of the incident.

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