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Russian Armed Forces plans to purchase new Mi-38 military-transport helicopters

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The Russian Defense Ministry has agreed to supply a new multipurpose helicopter Mi-38 with the Kazan Helicopter Plant within the holding company “Russian Helicopters”.

The Mi-38 is an advanced Russian multi-purpose utility rotor-wing aircraft being developed by the Russian Helicopters holding. Previously it was reported, that the military-transport modification of Mi-38 had been designated as Mi-383.

It flew for the first time on 22 December 2003 and was certified on 30 December 2015. The Mi-38 can carry up to 30 passengers and has an internal load capacity of 6,000 kg. It can be powered by two Klimov TV7-117V or Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127/TS turboshaft, 2,800 shp each. The Mi-38 has a maximum speed of 320 km/h and a range of 920 km. Its service ceiling is 5,900 m.

The Mi-38 can operate in a wide range of climates, including maritime, tropical and cold environments.

The technical solutions deployed in the Mi-38 give the helicopter superior maximum payload, passenger capacity and key performance indicators to other helicopters in its class.

The Mi-38 is fitted with a power plant with twin TV7-117V engines manufactured by Klimov JSC

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