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Russian artillery formation received 8 «Uragan» multiple launch rocket systems

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

One of the Russian Western Military Districts artillery formations received 8 Uragan multiple launch rocket systems and 16 transport-loading vehicles. These systems are to raise combat capabilities of the formation while defensive and offensive operations.

These MLRS are designed for engaging covered manpower, light-armored and armored combat hardware, artillery, tactic missile complexes, command and communication centers, and other infrastructural objects of the enemy.

The 220mm Uragan systems are capable to perform firing by single projectiles as by full barrage at targets located in the area of about 40 hectares at the distance up to 35 kilometers. Each projectile weights 280 kg.

It takes no more than three minutes to prepare the system for firing. Full barrage is performed in 20 seconds. The MLRS battery is ready to perform marching in a minute after firing.

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