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Russian high-speed helicopter shows Western design influences – expert

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

А few days ago, In Russian social media were posted the images of a future high-speed helicopter is developing by the Kamov Design Bureau.

According to the Scramble Magazine, A concept of new Russian high-speed helicopter has new engines, internal weapons bays, side-by-side cockpit, their famous but improved coaxial rotors design, canards and a fighter-shaped wing.

Kamov Design Bureau believes new technologies will provide more speed and range and better fuel efficiency. It is expected that the new helicopter will reach speeds of more than 400 kph, nearly two times the speed of a conventional helicopter.

An industry expert stated that Russian high-speed helicopter shows Western design influences.

“Two fan engines with accessory gearboxes driving the main rotors, and producing thrust for high-speed flight. This emulates the Sikorsky S-97 thruster concept, earlier tried in the Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne, but using a fan instead of a prop,” – said expert.

AH-56 Cheyenne

The Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne was an attack helicopter developed by Lockheed for the United States Army in 1967. Lockheed designed the Cheyenne using a four-blade rigid-rotor system and configured the aircraft as a compound helicopter with low-mounted wings and a tail-mounted thrusting propeller driven by a General Electric T64 turboshaft engine.

Also, an expert noted that the canard/ compound delta wing is unusual and suboptimal for low subsonic speeds, it would be the planform you would expect for a transonic wing, and this is clearly not a transonic design.

As for large internal weapon bays – expects various challenges.

“Overall it appears the agenda is high speed, attempting to extend from earlier research concepts worked on by Western nations,” summarized expert.

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