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Russian military base in Tajikistan receives more than 100 new BTR-82A armored personnel carriers

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

This year the Russian military base located in Tajikistan will receive about 100 armoured personnel carriers. The APC will replace the out-of-date equipment. The procurements from the Arzamas Machinery Plant will be carried out according to the State Defence Order.

Commanders and their deputies have been sent for reeducation to the Central MD military units located in Samara Region where BTR-82A has been used since the last year.

The weapon system with 30-mm automatic gun and 7,62-mm PKTM machine gun is mounted onto the BTR-82A. The system proved its effectiveness in the course of mountain operations.

The vehicles are equipped with horizontal and vertical pointing electric motor drives and a biplanar digital stabilizer, fifth-generation digital secure radiosets, topographic navigation systems and combined observation instruments.

The ballistic protection is mounted on the internal surfaces. The gunner’s place was moved from the turret to the hull that ameliorated his protection. All the seats are set on the energy-absorbing fixation. The carrier is equipped with a modernized fire suppression system.

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