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Russian «Orlan» unmanned aerial vehicle crashed in Syria

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Russian «Orlan-10» unmanned aerial vehicle crashed  in Bab an Nayrab at eastern districts of the northern city of Aleppo in Syria. Syrian militants say they shoot down «Orlan-10» unmanned aerial vehicle  near Aleppo.

The Orlan-10 is an unmanned aerial vehicle reported to have been produced for the Russian government at the Special Technological Centre of Saint Petersburg.

These complexes are designed for air reconnaissance in any meteorological conditions in high-mountain areas at the distances of 120-600 km and at the maximum altitude of up to 5 km.

Orlan-10 UAVs are capable of operating during 18 hours and performing tasks at the altitude of dozens of meters to several thousand on transmitting the image to the operator in online mode.



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