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Russian scientists have created a robot cockroach

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

In  laboratories of the Baltic Federal University named Kant in Russia, scientists and engineers have created a unique robot cockroach. Work on it lasted 7 months.

As the press service of the university, customer is the Russian organization, which wanted to maximize the robot was cockroachmorfnym. That is, it must be externally and size similar to a cockroach and his behavior should be as close as possible to the natural behavior of the cockroach.

It is 10 cm in length, running at a speed of 30 cm / sec. The robot is equipped with a light-sensitive sensor, and system contact and non-contact sensors to detect obstacles and avoid them

New robot interest in Russian military. If successful robots could serve valuable roles in difficult jobs, such as military operations, law enforcement, or space exploration.


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