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Russian TV confirmed the deployment of Su-35S in Syria

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Russia deploys reinforcements to to Syria. Up to four Su-35S are now  to have joined the four Su-30SMs,  already present at Hmeemeem/Bassel al-Assad IAP, Lattakia Governorate.

Russian TV confirmed the deployment of Su-35S in Syria. The television showed footage from the airbase Hmeemeem where they were Su-35S fighters.

The SU35 is the most advanced fighter in Russia’s military arsenal.  Like the four SU30 fighters already present at Khmeinim the SU35 has super-manoeuvrability.  Unlike the SU30 it is a single seat fighter.  It also has superior radar and electronics to the SU30.

By general acknowledgement, apart from the US F22 Raptor the SU35 is the most advanced and capable fighter in the world.

The decision to deploy the SU35 to Syria appears to be linked to more Turkish threats to shoot down Russian aircraft following Turkish claims – denied by Russia – that an SU34 violated Turkish airspace two days ago.

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