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Second Watercat M18 enters service with Finnish forces

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Delivery ceremony of the third Watercat M18 AMC landing craft, U-703, was held on 25th of May, 2015 at Teijo, Finland; hosted by Project Manager Jouni Hirvenkivi and Niko Haro, CEO of Marine Alutech.

The latest vessel developed by Marine Alutech is the Watercat M18 armored modular craft (AMC). This is a new landing craft which is designed to fulfill all modern requirements for future combat support vessels. It has been recently announced that Marine Alutech will deliver 12 pcs of these Watercat M18 AMC multipurpose high-speed landing crafts to Finnish Navy during 2014-2016. The vessels will be powered by two 660kW Scania diesel engines and feature Rolls-Royce waterjet propulsion.

The Watercat M18 AMC is suitable for troop transportation, medical and evacuation tasks, landing operations, patrolling and escort tasks, as well as combat and battle support scenarios. The vessel has been specially designed for archipelagic, coastal and offshore conditions with an effective heating and air-conditioning system allowing heat and extreme cold, arid or humid climates.

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