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Senegal celebrated the 57th anniversary of its independence in its capital Dakar

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Senegal celebrated the 57th anniversary of its independence on Tuesday in its capital Dakar.

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The official ceremony began early in the morning, with Senegalese President Macky Sall and other government officials in attendance.

Around 3,800 military and paramilitary forces, as well as 1,800 civilians participated in the parade.

“It gives immense satisfaction and great pride to be a Senegalese today. We take great pride in seeing our national army parading under the national flag. Everything was beautiful from the beginning to the end,” said a Senegalese citizen named Pape Bocar Wane.

The theme of this 57th edition was “Role of defense forces and security in protecting the environment.”

According to President Sall, natural resources are the vital substance of Senegal’s productive base, without which there can be neither growth nor development. So he has ordered the defense and security forces to make their efforts in protecting the fisheries, forestry and plant resources.

Senegal won its independence from France on April 4, 1960.

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