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Soframe unveils OUTFIELDER Special forces type vehicle at EUROSATORY 2016

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

SOFRAME is a French company with an international reputation unveils  OUTFIELDER  Special forces type vehicle at EUROSATORY 2016.

The Outfi elder is a Special Forces type 4×4 rapid intervention vehicle, with a 120 km/h max. speed.

This high mobility vehicle can take 3 people into the intervention zone.

Lighter than the Venpir, it can still be fi tted with the latest hardware and communication equipment, and can have a ringmount for 12.7 mm calibre guns and swingmounts for 7.62 mm calibre guns.


GVW : 5 500 kg
Crew : 3
Speed : 120 km/h
Tank : 155 litres
Length : 5 354 mm
Width : 2 178 mm
Height : 2 220 mm

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