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Source: Turkey to receive first F-35 Lightning II fighter jet on June 21

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The Turkish daily, Hürriyet reported that Turkey expects to receive first F-35 Lightning II fighter jet on June 21 in spite of a U.S. Congress bill calling for a halt in weapons sales due to faltering relations between the two countries.

“Lockheed Martin would be happy to see you by our side during ‘The Republic of Turkey F-35 Delivery Ceremony’ at Fort Worth on June 21,” said the official invitation letter from Lockheed Martin, the main manufacturer of the aircraft.

According to the newspaper, the handover of the first Turkish F-35 combat aircraft will take place on June 21. Turkey’s first F-35A will enter service in November 2019 after the completion of a pilot training program. The other jets will start coming at regular intervals.

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It should be remembered that the first F-35A Lightning II for the Turkish Air Force made its maiden flight on May 10.  The F-35 jet produced by Lockheed Martin had tail number 18-0001 and was flown by Commander Wilson.

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