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South Korean is planning to introduce S-3 Viking for countering North Korean threats

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

South Korean Naval Aviation is planning to introduce overhauled S-3 Viking anti-submarine warfare (ASW) planes for countering North Korean threats.

A military program review group approved last month the proposal to incorporate 12 former US Navy Vikings into service.

the Navy has procured over 20 Vikings that have been kept in storage since 2009. The Navy agreed to boost the South Korea’s detection and attack capabilities against Pyongyang’s submarine fleet.

The twin-turbofan powered planes served as the primary ASW platforms aboard US aircraft carriers. Such planes can augment South Korea’s 16 four-engined P-3 Orion aircraft fleet as well as helicopters like the Lynx and Super Lynx. They can also bolster the country’s short-range airborne ASW capabilities that have been left vacant after the retirement of the S-2 Tracker aircraft.

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