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Spanish company delivers truck-mounted 81 mm EIMOS mortar system to Middle East customer

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Spanish company EXPAL delivers truck-mounted 81 mm  EIMOS (Expal Integrated Mortar System) mortar system to Middle East customer.

The combination of a 81 mm long-range mortar and a 4×4 high mobility lightweight vehicle results in a weapon system with firepower and mobility suited to support the units in nowadays missions, where responsiveness and mobility are crucial.
EIMOS is a tested system with the capacity, versatility, and technology necessary to fulfill the priority operative requirements in current and future scenarios, at a reasonable cost and easy maintenance, due most of its components can be easily  considered as army equipment, supported by its current logistic chain.
The EIMOS System can also be adapted to the customer needs and final requirements while facilitating integration with legacy systems, such vehicles, communications means or other command and control systems.
The package includes the company’s Techfire fire support system and the Shepherd-MIL reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which can be adapted to resemble any type of local bird of prey.
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