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Sri Lanka purchase JF-17 «Fierce Dragon»

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

On The Paris air show, the Pakistan Air Force announced that Pakistan jointly developed the JF-17 “Fierce Dragon” fighter obtain export orders again, will be sold to the Asian country, but based on the sensitivity of the country, did not disclose details of the Which countries. According to Pakistani media reports, purchase Xiaolong fighter is Sri Lanka.

Pakistan Air Force announced that these export Xiaolong fighter will begin in 2017. In addition, the aircraft industry has teamed up with the Pakistan Air Force efforts to promote foreign sales Xiaolong fighter.

According to the Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence on June 9 news release, June 8, Pakistan Army Chief of Staff Admiral Rahil Sharif visited the Sri Lanka Air Force Commander Ke Lita · Gu Nati Visitors (Kolitha Gunatilleke) air marshal In Sri Lanka, air force commander’s office, stood an impressively JF-17 fighter Xiaolong large scale models, on the model of the machine as well as Si Lanka Air Force emblem. This photo has attracted wide attention.

According to Pakistan’s 92 News (92NewsHD) reported that Sri Lanka bought Xiaolong fighter, purchase a squadron number, according to the Anglo-American air force standards, the number of a squadron of fighter planes to 18-24.

Sri Lanka Air Force has a lot of Chinese production aircraft. According to the “World Air Force 2015″ (World Air Forces 2015) pp. 29, Sri Lanka has seven F-7 fighters, nine transport -12 transport aircraft, also ordered two new boat -60 transport aircraft, and its trainer fleet all the Chinese trainer, of which there is an FT -7 advanced trainer, five K-8 intermediate trainer.

Sri Lanka Air Force with the power composition point of view, the Chinese Air Force has experience in operating the aircraft, and its trainer team of intermediate and advanced trainer aircraft are manufactured in China, buy JF obviously beneficial to the operation continuity.

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