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ST Engineering unveils new Jaeger 6 unmanned ground vehicle

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Singapore Technologies Engineering on 6 February unveiled a new unmanned ground vehicle at the Singapore Airshow 2018. 

Singapore Technologies Engineering (ST Engineering) has unveiled it’s Jaeger 6 unmanned ground vehicle designed to perform various mission profiles using a variety of modular payloads.

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Jaeger is also equipped with proprietary control algorithms that enable it to operate semi-autonomously with a high degree of safety, making it a suitable alternative for labour intensive missions such as perimeter security and logistics support.

The Jaeger 6 is a wheeled platform that weighs 750 kg with a modular payload capacity of 250 kg. The new unmanned ground vehicle by ST Engineering is specifically designed for operates in all weather conditions for perimeter observation, reconnaissance, and scout tasks.

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With an overall length of 2.5 meters, a width of 1.5 meters, and a height of 0.85 meters.  The unit can reach a maximum speed of 16 km/h.

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