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Stiletto Systems’ sniper rifle with new bullets can replace heavy machine gun

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The Central Armament and Military Hardware Research Institute of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has performed tests for comparative evaluation of armor-piercing capability of up-to-date bullets made by Stiletto Systems Limited and bullets of standard large-caliber cartridges while firing against armored elements.

The Ukrainian military has conducted a number of tests along with experts of the Stiletto Systems Company to confirm claimed specifications on armor piercing ability of a new generation of bullets with the new sniper rifle STL-016.

Conditions corresponding to a real battle were simulated at the firing range. One of the targets imitated frontal view of modern armored vehicles and was hit at ranges starting from 200 meters.

Conducted tests demonstrated that cartridge .300WSM with sniper armor-piercing bullet Stiletto from the STL-016 sniper rifle (also developed by Stiletto Systems Limited) is able to pierce 20.5 mm Armstal 500 armor plate at 220 m range with 100% expectancy. At the same time, the bullets of 12.7 mm cartridges from Soviet heavy machine gun was unable to penetrate armor plate.

The STL-016 is a .300WSM calibre rifle that incorporates a patented rifling designed by Stiletto and is capable of delivering lethal effects on soft targets out to a maximum range of 2,000 m.

STL-016 sniper rifle. Photo by Dylan Malyasov

Although the STL-016 has been designed as a sniper’s weapon to defeat enemy forces wearing body armour, its armour-piercing ammunition – a separate development from Stiletto – allows it to penetrate the hulls of armoured personnel carriers (APCs) or Infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs).

For now, Stiletto bullets can guarantee piercing absolutely any type of bullet-proof equipment, hitting successfully frontal armor of both Soviet and modern infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers; hitting targets protected by concrete frames or sheltered at pillboxes or armored modules. Besides, bullet flight trajectory shall not be changed when overcoming window-block glass structures metal-plastic windows or façade components of buildings, ensuring 100% hit during special operations in a built-up areas.

As to armor-piercing capability of armored obstacles bullet for cartridges developed by Stiletto Systems is actually compared to armor-piercing capability of bullets of a cartridge 12.7 mm for a heavy machine gun.

All aforesaid advantages of new Stiletto bullets make possible to enhance efficiency of land paramilitary and specialist sub-units several time at many, it provides for opportunity to accomplish missions relating to hitting of light armored vehicles and protected manpower of enemy.

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