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Su-25 of Chad Air Force with Ukrainian-Belarusian Pilots Bombs BokoHaram out of Gamboru

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Su-25 of Chad Air Force with Ukrainian-Belarusian pilots bombs BokoHaram out of Gamboru (Nigeria), reported The Chadian air force bombed the Nigerian town of Gamboru yesterday, according to security sources in Cameroon.

The two countries are leading the fight against the terrorist group Boko Haram, which controls most of northern Nigeria. The Chadian military reported that three of its soldiers were killed but in response, 123 of Boko Haram’s fighters died as well. Nigeria meanwhile pulled 70 female soldiers from the front line. Earlier in July 2008 speculation rose about Chad ordering six ex-Ukrainian Su-25 Frogfoot attack aircraft.

The Su-25 has seen combat in several conflicts during its more than 25 years in service. It was heavily involved in the Soviet war in Afghanistan, flying counter-insurgency missions against the Mujahedeen.The Iraq Air Force employed Su-25s against Iran during the 1980–89 Iran–Iraq War. Most were later destroyed or fled to Iran in the 1991 Persian Gulf War. Abkhazian separatists used Su-25s in 1993 against Georgians during the Abkhazian War. The Macedonian Air Force used Su-25s against Albanian insurgents in the 2001 Macedonia conflict and, in 2008, Georgia and Russia both used Su-25s in the Russo-Georgian War. African states, including the Ivory Coast, Chad, and Sudan have used the Su-25 in local insurgencies and civil wars.

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