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Supply of Ukrainian BTR-3E1 to Thailand Suspended

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As reported by the chief editor of Ukrainian web-resource Tsenzor.Net Yuri Butusov, “for three weeks more than 30 new Ukrainian BTR-3E near Kiev are not in motion. These armored vehicles were built by order of Thailand, but due to the war, delivery was suspended.”

Based on available information, it is a part of 32 series machines BTR-3E1 for Thailand of SE “Kiev armored plant” has passed the preliminary acceptance of the spring of 2014. Reminding that the contracts in 2007 and 2011 to be delivered to Thailand total 233 BTR-3E1 and machines based on them, of which in 2010-2013 were shipped, according to different sources, from 142 to 153 units.

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