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Syria attempted to shoot down Turkish F-16 fighter aircraft

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Syrian S-200 (NATO reporting name SA-5 Gammon) long-range, medium-to-high altitude air defense system fired a missile – but missed – at a Turkish F-16 fighter aircraft.

According to Yusha Yuseef of Muraselon News, Syrian armed forces attempted to shoot down a Turkish fighter aircraft that was participated in an airstrike in Idlib, a de-escalation zone in northwestern Syria.

A missile launce was detected in flight by sensors onboard the F-16, after them Turkish fighters evaded the missile and returned safely to its airspace.

It is worth recalling that on Sunday, Turkish Air Force F-16 jet fighters shot down two Syrian Air Force Su-24MK2 bombers over Idlib province. The air battle is the latest clash in a mounting conflict between the Turkish military and forces supporting the regime of Bashar-al-Assad for control of the last major rebel stronghold in Syria.

Also on 3 March, Turkish F-16 jet downed an Assad regime L-39 aircraft in Syria’s northwestern Idlib province near Maarat al-Numan.

Turkey launched Operation Spring Shield after at least 34 Turkish soldiers were killed and dozens injured in an Assad regime airstrike in Idlib, a de-escalation zone in northwestern Syria, just across Turkey’s southern border. Turkey’s only target during the operation were Assad regime troops and equipment in Idlib under the nation’s right to self-defense, stressed Akar.

Turkish soldiers were killed while working to protect local civilians under a September 2018 deal with Russia, which prohibits acts of aggression in Idlib.

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