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«Tank biathlon» international contest begins at the Alabino range

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

“Tank biathlon” international contest began at the Alabino range (Moscow Region). Teams of Russia, Kazakhstan, Serbia and India are participating in the first race.

According to the draw procedure, Russian team is competing on the green-coloured tank, Serbia took the yellow one, military servicemen from India and Kazakhstan are in the blue and red ones respectively.

A lot of spectators, representatives of 19 countries-participants, Ministers of Defence of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan are watching the competition.

Servicemen from Mongolia, Kuwait, and Armenia will compete in the second race on yellow, blue, and green tanks respectively.

In total, 51 tank crews will compete for the title of the best (three ones from each country and team of Voluntary Association for Assistance to Army, Air Force and Navy will participate in the contest non-competitively)

Team of Belarus is operating T-72 tanks modernized at the plants of the Republic. Team of China is operating its own tanks. All rest teams are operating T-72B3 Russian tanks.

This year the competitions will be more dynamic. Twelve teams will take part in the semi-finals except for 8 ones. The contest Finals will be held on August 13.

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