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Techimpex offers BM-27 Uragan rocket launcher systems upgrade

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Ukrainian private company Techimpex announced details of a comprehensive BM-27 Uragan upgrade during the Arms and Security 2017 defence exhibition in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Techimpex offered main characteristics upgrade for the ZIL-135LM eight-wheeled military transport from BM-27 Uragan self-propelled multiple rocket launcher systems.

Modernization allows to extend the service life of ZIL-135LM and improve the following characteristics.

  • Dynamic – to reduce fuel consumption and increase power reserve;
  • Maintainability – assigned life of the engine between overhauls is significantly increased.

The main differences from the basic version are: 2 gasoline ZIL-345 engines are replaced with 2 diesel D-245 engines. The vehicle is powered by a two D-245.30E2 engines l four-cylinder in-line vertical engine.

Description of indicators



Combat weight 10,61 t
Length 9,63 m
Width 2,8 m
Height 3,233 m
Clearance 0,475 m
Max.speed  highway 70 km/h
Cruising range highway – 765 km

off road – 597 km

  • roll20º
  • fording 1,2 m
  • slope 28º
  • min.turning radius 12,5 m


D-245.30E2 2 pcs.
4 stroke, turbochargered cylinde 4
cylinder configuration lined vertical
displacement 4,75 l
nominal power output 115 kWt (156,4 HP)
maximum torque 526(53,7) Nm (kgsxm)
Payload 9000 kg
Maximum weight

(with full payload)

20000 kg
Engine coolant heating system Hydronic M12
Cabin heating system Airtronic D4

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