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The First Three Z-10 Helicopters Have Been Delivered to Pakistan

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Pakistan bought Chinese Z-10 attack helicopter and the first three helicopters have been delivered to Pakistan (unconfirmed information).

Early Pakistan showed interest in purchasing Z-10 helicopters. The helicopter is capable of targeting the enemy with a range of 3 to 4 kilometers without coming in reader. It is also capable of targeting in the air as well as on ground from air.

With the induction of Z-10, Pakistan Army’s capability of targeting the terrorists will increase. Pakistan is already using the helicopters effectively in the war against terrorism.

Some Military experts have cast doubt on the effectiveness of the Z-10 attack helicopter on counter-terrorism operations, as its WZ-9 operational engine has relatively low power as well as small payload and weaker defencive power in comparison with the other attack helicopters in the World. Z-10 helicopters will only enhance Pakistan’s firepower against India, which is about to pair its domestically produced Light Combat Helicopters with newly imported Apache AH-64D helicopters manufactured by Boeing.

On the other hand Pakistan is also interested to by Russian’s Mi-35 helicopters as well. This will not only strengthen the defence of the country but also help force to counter-terrorism effectively.



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