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The «League of Defense Companies of Ukraine» participate in Defense & Security 2017

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Ukrainian defence private enterprises, as part of the «League of Defense Companies of Ukraine», were participated at Defense & Security 2017 exhibition in Bangkok.

«League of Defense Companies of Ukraine» brings together Ukrainian private enterprise, that develops and contribute to market products and services of military and dual-use purpose.

League plans to collaborate with the Government of Ukraine and all the Ukrainian military-industrial structures, as well as a direct communication with the same defense industry associations of foreign countries that are world practice. In order to develop communications plans League for the first time in Ukraine’s history to create a register of promising developments of arms and military equipment.

At exhibition, League unveils some project of the RPA «Practika», «UkrSpetzTechnika», «Adron», «Ballistics», «GIS ARTA», «Liko-Schmeisser», «UA.RPA», “RC TacMed», «Techimpex» and other.

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